Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top 10 Luxury Travel Trends

While on a hunt for a blog topic for this week a business companion suggested I read the latest article from Luxury Travel Magazine www.luxurytravelmagazine.com entitled the Top 10 Luxury Travel Trends for 2011.

Some of the trends listed really popped out at me as our agency has begun to notice them too. For example;

1. The Revival of Group Tours- we have a number of hosted groups departing next year and requests for more coming in. The article offers -the reasoning for this trend is due to the economic situation - many travelers are looking for the same exotic travel experiences at a lower price point. To see the groups with added amenities that we have available to you please visit www.cruisenet.ca where you can download our brochures. One of our current groups is supporting the fund-raising initiatives of the Orchestras Mississauga with a tour from Budapest to Passau onboard the River Beatrice - April 24, 2011.

2. Not Just Seeing But Learning - many of our most popular products are offering more in-depth experiences in port or during tours with professional lecturers and hosts. Specialty tours are on the rise with cooking schools gaining popularity (thanks, in part to the Food Networks lineup of reality cooking shows?) as well as photography tours with professional photographers to teach the ins and outs of photography and even offering our guests the trial use of specialty equipment. Luxury Travel Mag suggests 'people want to come away with a strong emotional connection with a destination and bring back more than just memories, but a skill they can actually use from a vacation.' To find out more about the specialty tours/cruises we offer please contact one of our Travel Consultants by emailing sales@cruisenet.ca.

3. Bucket List Experiences - Luxury Travel Mag says "2011 will see an increase in extremely unique, 'bucket-list' experiences in far-flung destinations. Travelers are looking to tick those must-see travel experiences off their lists and are now seeking the experiences that will allow them to return home with bragging rights among their friends." In 2010 Cruisenet offered trips to one of the biggest 'bucket-list' items we can think of - Oberammergau and The Passion Play. Many of you may not know about this event but for those that do it is truly a one-in-a-lifetime experience in that it is held once every 10 years! Due to the experience of our Travel Consultants, the unrivaled attention to detail, vast knowledge and high level of customer service - we are the experts when it comes to planning your 'bucket-list' experiences. Everyone wants their trip of a lifetime to be just that; no surprises (at least not the bad kind!) and plenty of things to brag about, so be sure to call Cruisenet Tours & Travel and we'll help you check those items off your Bucket List.

To read more about the Luxury Travel Trends for 2011 you can find the article in full online at www.luxurytravelmagazine.com

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